Why to use PVC Strip Curtains?

Flyban Strip Curtains, are the best solution for maintaining ambient room temperature best suitable for factories, industries, cold rooms, car washing areas to avoid loss of room temperature. “Flyban Industries” tie up with a company in France has made our clientele 100 % complaint free, which even ensures extra durability of the Curtains & avoiding them to shrink in different weather conditions. PVC Curtains (Blue tint technology) clear transparent curtains which is made with the international standards is the best choice for places which need good shines and good sightline. It also saves energy, ensures worker safety and protect virtuality in any industry. So when you specify a “FLYBAN” flexible door you get a clear advantage in the quality.

Benefits of PVC Strip Curtains!!

  • Manufactured using special kind of granules made by a famous company in France(Paris).
  • Restricts movement of air such as dust, fumes, movement of draughts.
  • Ensures a 100 % employee comfort by keeping temperatures under control.
  • Helps in control of birds & flying mosquito control between inside & outside or different work areas.
  • Isolates noise from machinery, and loading docks in other working area
  • Superior appearance and easy to clean with soap water
PVC Strip Curtain

The Most important key feature of Flyban – PVC Strip Curtains is its clarity and transparency. Apart from this, it also reduces the db value thus causing Noise Pollution.

Applications of PVC Strip Curtains

  • Manufacturing Units
  • Cold Storages
  • Freeze Zones
  • Refrigerated Vans
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Restaurant and Hotels
  • Dairy Industries
  • Packaging Industries
  • Warehouses
  • Food Industries
  • Welding Bays
  • Loading Docks